Kamis, 01 Desember 2011


a) You may use my motorcycle if yours is broken
b) May I borrow your book ?
c) You may smoke if you like to
d) may I come in? Yes, you may come.
e) May I open the door ?
f) May I go school now ?
g) May I arrive this classroom?
h) May I wash this car ?
i) May I go to the market ?
j) May I close this book ?


a) She may be with her boyfriend in the park
b) I may be sick
c) Yani may be in her room. ¤
d) She may be read in her bed.
e) Andi may meet me tomorrow.
f) She may forgive you.
g) Susanna may not be allowed to go to the party
h) I may be here again next week
i) It may rain this afthernoon,Look at the could !

a) May you have nice vacatoin.
b) May God bless your business.
c) May you both the happy.
d) May you succes.
e) May you get married with her.
f) May our team winner.
g) May your family life happy together.
h) May she remember me.
i) May you can do the best for your life
j) May you strong.



1. You must have a passport if you want to go to Japan
2. You mus take the state exam this month
3. We must go now
4. ; must we leave next week?
5. you must be very tired after hardworking
6. He must be a policement .
7. I must do homework soon
8. I must study hard
9. You must read this book
10. She must go to shcool today


1. You mustn’t go
2. You mustn’t smoke in the gas station
3. Susan mustn’t go to there together
4. They mustn’t watch this film
5. You must not speak slowly
6. We must not come early
7. You must not play tthe game in the room
8. Ani must not eat the mango
9. You must not get out from the room
10. We must not disobey this rule

1. Must I buy it ?
2. Must I left now ?
3. Must we join with them ?
4. Must I come now ?
5. Must I remember his name ?
6. Must I bring this ?
7. Must he drink the herbal?
8. Must she go to the mosque ?
9. Must I go there with you together ?
10. Must we re-write ?

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