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(S + TO BE + V-ing)
Present continous is a verb form (present continous adalah bentuk kata kerja) that is used to express (yang digunakan untuk menyatakan):
1. An action which is happening now (aktifitas yang sedang terjadi atau berlangsung sekarang/saat ini).
a. He is swimming in the river.
b. They are doing an test now.
c. I am listening to the music.
d. They are playing vollyball in the field.
e. Allice is sleeping on the ground.
f. The lecturer is explaining the structure to them.
g. Listen! Adit is playing a drum.
h. My mother is cooking a soup in the kitchen.
i. she is sitting on the chair right now.
j. arja is cutting grass at the garden.
2. An temporary action (aktifitas yang bersifat sementara).
a. Natsu is reading now but he will write soon.
b. They are waiting for the train.
c. I am looking for a job.
d. She is working now but she will meet her friend afterwards.
e. Lea is studying Physics at the UNESA.
f. They are learning ballet this month.
g. I am doing an assignment, after that I will go swimming.
h. They are watching television.
i. She is crying loudly.
j. Grey is writing a novel.
3. An action which will happen in future time (aktifitas yang akan terjadi di waktu yang mendatang/di waktu dekat).
a. he is going to leave for kuwu next week.
b. sheis going to move to los angles next year.
c. they are going to play football again in a few months.
d. dito is going to arrive at sragen tomorrow.
e. I am going to write my argument three months later.
f. They are going to come to diamond next week
g. I am going to return the book two days later.
h. He is going to pick her up next week
i. they are going to travel to jakatra next week.
j. I am going to visit my family tomorrow.

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